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Welcome to the home of ACE Space!

The Arts, Community and Enterprise Hub
in the Centre of Newbury

ACE Space is a Newbury based charitable organisation providing a home for live music, a platform for local artists and a hall space for private hire and for community groups.

Located a few minutes from the train station and close to the high street, ACE Space’s spacious hall and bar are easy to access and easy to enjoy. We’re a low-cost venue offering classes, functions and arts to the community. Whether that means you’ll be joining us for the most popular Open Mic night in town, hiring out the space to run the class or workshop you’ve been planning, or even volunteering with our vibrant cast of supporters – we’d be happy to meet you

The first Friday of every month, ACE Space plays host to an open Mic evening. Why not come along? We welcome musicians, poets, comedians and anyone who wants to perform in front of an audience. We also present a live gig once or twice a month.

(Please note that parking at ACE Space is extremely limited. See our Parking Page for more information.)

Multi-Access Toilet Project


Year by year, step by step, the ACE Space team have made improvements to the hall. In the era that the hall was built no consideration was given to providing toilets accessible to those in a wheel chair.  A shortcoming which we are on course to fix thanks to donations from our great supporters which have been matched by the wonderful folk at The Good Exchange.  Work is scheduled for half term.

Upcoming Live Events at ACE Space


What’s On at ACE Space


There are a number of activities and classes taking place regulalry at ACE Space. Check them out below and on our Activities@ACE page.

Academy of Vocal Arts

Singing/Vocal tuition on Thursdays 5.00-8.30pm.

Contact Nathan at info@academyvocalarts.co.uk and see https://www.academyvocalarts.co.uk/

Just Ballet Class

Mondays 5-7pm

3 separate classes

Contact Katie Sutherland

Fury Systems Martial Arts and Self Defence

Tuesdays 7-9pm Women’s Self-defence      Wednesdays Mixed 7 – 9pm                   Sundays 9am -12pm

Contact Joaquim Torrao

Ragtime Children’s Theatre Skills

Saturdays 9am-2.45pm

Separate classes at different times and one-to-one coaching

Contact Georgia

Yoga Den

Gentle yoga to improve strength and flexibility. Each session ending with a peaceful relaxation.

Friday 9.45 to 10.45  during term time.

Contact Ellen

How to get in touch

ACE Space is located in:

St Nicholas Road
RG14 5PR

Tel: 07905 590214
Email: enquiries@acespace.org.uk


How to Find Us

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