Equipment Technical Specifications


The PA system in the hall consists of:

  • FOH speakers – 2 x Yamaha DXR12, + DSR15 sub
  • Foldback speakers – 2 x Yamaha DXR10, 1 x db Flexsys FM8
  • 16 channel digital mixer – Allen & Heath Qu-16
  • Vocal mics – 6 x SM58
  • Instrument mics – 2 x Shure Beta 57A
  • DI boxes – 3 each with 2 channels

Details of the Allen & Heath mixer can be found here –  Qu-16 User Guide.

Also, tutorials can be seen here and here

Digital piano is a Yamaha P115 details here.

The stage is 5M (wide) by 4M (deep)

The hall is 7M x 19M (including the stage)

How to get in touch

ACE Space is located in:

St Nicholas Road
RG14 5PR

Tel: 07905 590214


How to Find Us

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