Charm of Finches

The queens of banjopunk, three Swedish sisters by the name of Baskery, who’ve played music since they were old enough to hold an instrument. Baskery play a combination of classic ‘roots music and Americana’ with a twist of rule breaking punk turn this much loved style of music on it’s head. Their sound oozes style and playfulness and has helped them accrue a number of plaudits and accolades.
The three sisters can’t recall when or why they started playing, the music’s always just been there. In their late teens, the sisters joined forces with their dad, who for decades was a one man band playing old blues and country tunes for a living.


Charm of Finches

Starting off the evening is local duo HendrickxRoy.  Individually Maia Hendrickx and Calum Roy are well known (and loved) by the Unplugged (open mic) audience at ACE Space.  together there is synergy.

Start: 8:00pm (Doors Open 7:30)

Tickets: Sold Out


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